Everything you need to know about DMK enzyme therapy

Next month we launch our incredible new range DMK, with their signature treatment being enzyme therapy. It's like nothing you will have experienced before so here is everything you need to know about this unique treatment.

1. It is nothing like a traditional facial, we will of course make you as comfy and cosy as possible but this really is not the facial to book if you want a traditional relaxing facial experience. The enzyme sets really hard on your skin, like really hard, cement hard! It's a pretty strange feeling especially on your first time.

2. As the enzyme works within the skin it flushes the cells with fresh oxygen and nutrients, you can actually see the pulsating happening on the surface of the skin, pretty amazing! The enzyme also causes something called reverse osmosis which is a back flushing through the cell and surrounding area to give it a spring clean. Lymphatic drainage then takes place into the main lymph duct at the root of the neck. It's an incredible treatment to help treat a number of issues such as premature ageing and acne.

3. It looks pretty strange straight after the treatment, see below!This is what we call the plasmatic effect and is actually a good sign. You may not get a strong plasmatic effect on your first few sessions, but as you skin gets healthier and stronger, you can expect the plasmatic effect to be more noticeable. Don't worry tho, this has usually disappeared by the time you leave the salon.

4. It's not a one off quick fix facial, the idea of enzyme therapy is to treat and improve the skin function at a cellular level with in salon treatments and at home prescriptive products. We want to improve your overall skin health. A minimum of 2 treatments will be required with additional home care products to support your skin.

We are very excited to be brining DMK to Luna, it is a brand I have had my eye on it for a couple of years now and we can't wait to get started with it. We launch DMK next month however some of the more advanced treatments will not to be available until October when we have finished our final round of training.

Kirsty x

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