Sit back and relax with our rose-scented Amour Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks that will gently heat up when unfolded and placed over your eyes.

These pretty pink eye masks have been designed to allow you some important me-time, with a focus on self-care in a world that moves at a million miles an hour.

Delicately fragranced with the essence of restorative rose, each soft Amour Eye Mask contains blackout properties so it can be worn overnight and reused as a sleep mask.

Amour Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks can be used at home, away or even when travelling - tension magically melts away as tired and strained eyes are soothed.


Amour Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks are Especially Good For...

  • Switching off for some much-needed me-time
  • Helping with headaches and tired, puffy eyes
  • Refocussing the mind and helping worries disappear thanks to the rebalancing scent of rose
  • A gift of love for friends and family
  • Creating an at-home pamper party

Amour Self Heating Eye Mask