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This botanically rich SPF is an elegant update in both science and formulation for DMK.


Soft Touch Sunscreen provides the skin with a lightweight, silky, water-resistant cream. It spreads evenly and provides ongoing UV and environmental protection on the surface and on all levels. In addition, this formula improves the skin’s hydration and works to prevent and reverse the effects of oxidative stress, photodamage, and premature aging.


Suitable for: All skin types. DMK’s goal was to formulate a sunscreen that would universally provide ample protection, prevent photodamage, and improve the skin’s appearance.


(water resistant for 80 minutes)


Available Sizes: 60ml, 120ml

DMK Soft Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high number of products we stock, we take pre orders and place our skin orders every other Friday.
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