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A light calming lotion for the face


Our corrective lotions are a more than the old fashion toner. These lotions are specially designed to treat inflammatory skin conditions, which are the cause of Acne, Spots, Rosacea and mild irritations of the skin.



  • Can used as a gentle cleanser on young teenage skins
  • Soothe and calm red and inflamed skin
  • Toner for problem skin



After cleansing with Cleansing Milk, spray the Soothing Lotion on damp cotton wool and wipe the skin twice before applying the appropriate cream.


The Soothing Lotion also supports the prevention of psoriasis. A small amount should be sprayed onto the affected area 3-4 times.



Aqua · Alcohol · Disodium Fumarate · Lecithin · Urea · Diammonium Citrate · Panthenol · Tocopheryl Acetate · Tocopherol


SIZE: 150ml, 30ml

Dermaviduals Soothing Lotion

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