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Your solution for effective and long-lasting hair removal. Say goodbye to peach fuzz and hello to beautifully smooth skin with our innovative approach. DMK Alkaline Wash is a remarkable treatment designed to remove fine, downy hair.

Our gentle yet powerful alkaline formula targets hair at the root, providing exceptional results for all skin types. Experience the freedom of long-lasting hair removal with DMK Alkaline Hair Wash Treatment. 

How does it work?

An alkaline powder is mixed into a paste and applied to the area for approximately 3-5 minutes. The treatment takes the hair to a high alkaline level, which dissolves the hair and weaken the hair root.


At first the hair will grow back at a normal rate, but as the treatments progress, the re-growth rate will become slower which usually results in permanent hair loss.


Thick, terminal hair can be removed with Alkaline Wash but it will grow back, this treatment is designed for permanent hair reduction/removal of vellus hair ( fine, downy hair) which is difficult to treat with other methods of permanent hair removal such as laser and electrolysis.


Cost £20


Cost £45 | Course of 4 for £180

Homecare products required. These are complementary when purchasing your course in full. Retailed at £39.50.  


Cost £65 | Course of 4 for £260

Homecare products required. These are complementary when purchasing your course in full. Retailed at £39.50.  


Cost £90 | Course of 4 for £360

Homecare products required. These are complementary when purchasing your course in full. Retailed at £76.00.  


Please contact us for individual pricing. 

Frequently asked questions

Q. How many treatments will I need before the hair is permanently removed?

A. It is impossible to estimate how many treatments are required for permanent hair removal as this is dependant on many things. For example, how the hair has been previously treated, how long it has been there, reasons for hair growth etc. Some clients report reduction after 1 treatment however every client is different. We recommend starting with a course of 4 treatments.


Q. Why do I need a consultation and patch test? 

A. We will examine the area to be treated, as well as discuss your medical history and any allergies you may have to understand if the treatment is suitable for you. A patch test is required to ensure your skin is suitable for the Alkaline Wash treatment.  

Q. Which areas can be treated?

A. Any area of the face can be treated provided the hair type and skin is suitable. Alkaline wash is perfect for the fine, downy hair found on the face. We can treat the body with Alkaline Wash but only vellus hair on the body can be permanently removed/reduced. Terminal hair can be removed but will grow back at a normal rate.


Q. How often should I have the treatment?


A. Initially every 2 weeks. After your first treatment the hair will likely grow back at its normal rate but as treatments progress, the re-growth rate will become slower. Your time between treatments will then increase.  

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