Skin Tightening



Radio frequency tightens and smooths the skin, promoting the production of new collagen in facial treatments and aiding in the reduction of cellulite in body treatments.The treatment feels soothing, warm, relaxing, and is effective to generate a visible result after a few sessions

This excess heat stimulates cells, which in turn makes them produce collagen and elastin within a faster cell renewal cycle. The added  function of vacuum suction creates a drainage effect, working along lymph pathways to Lymph nodes, increasing circulation, adding to the overall benefit of the treatment

  • Results are subtle and natural looking. A stronger definition to the face can be achieved, lines and wrinkles are softened, and skin is smoother

  • Particularly good at improving the appearance of jowls and loose skin around the jawline, by tightening the skin, it causes a natural lifting effect which improves the appearance of the jowls by giving the jawline definition again

  • The basic principle of treatment is the application of the hand-piece to the skin, heating it and causing the collagen to contract and tighten, stimulating new collagen growth. It can be used on the skin around the eye, across the brow, over the crow’s feet and temple area as well as the upper cheek. This makes it an excellent non-invasive treatment for hooded or lined eyes​

Radio Frequency Face 

All face treatments will start with a cleanse and light exfoliation. Depending on the treatment we will then concentrate on the area or areas of concern. Radio frequency is designed to work as a course of treatments, how many would will need will depend on your skin. This will discussed during the consultation. For maximum results treatments should be carried out weekly. Monthly maintenance sessions will then be required. 

Express Treatment ( one area)

Cost £35 | Course of 6 £190 | Course of 10 £300

Duration 30 Minutes 

Downtime Little to none

Full face and neck

Cost £65 | Course of 6 £350 | Course of 10 £550

Duration 60 Minutes 

Downtime Little to none

Radio Frequency Body

Areas of the body which can be treated with radio frequency are loose skin on upper arms, inner thigh, back of thighs, buttocks and it is particularly impressive on treating loose skin on the tummy after a baby or weight loss. A course of treatments will be required and will be during your consultation. 

Express Treatment 

The express treatment would be suitable for treating the abdomen or the upper arms, any areas bigger than this will require a longer treatment 

Cost £30 | Course of 6 £160 | Course of 10 £270

Duration 20 Minutes 

Downtime Little to none 

Body Treatment 

Cost £60 | Course of 6 £340 | Course of 10 £530

Duration 40 Minutes

Downtime Little to none