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Image by Channey Tang-Ho


A highly effective way of removing unwanted hair!

A longer lasting alternative to the standard shaving, leaving your skin silky smooth! We use a mixture of strip and non strip wax depending on the area we are treating.

Non strip hard wax is applied much thicker than soft strip wax and removed without strips. It only sticks to the actual hairs and not the skin which makes it much less irritating. An absolute must when having Brazilian/ Hollywood waxing.

Strip Wax

Full Leg Wax £36.00                

Full Leg & Bikini £43.00  

Half Leg  £22.00     

Half Leg & Bikini £34.00  

Standard Bikini £17.00

Underarm £15.00

Back/Chest £35.00

Back & Chest £60.00

Lip £11.00

Chin £11.00

Lip & Chin  £18.00

Eyebrow wax  £14.00

Eyebrow & Lip £17.00 

Nostrils £15.00

Intimate Wax

G-String  £25.00

A higher version of a standard bikini wax, no hair removed from intimate area.  

Brazillian  £35.00

Removes almost all hair front and back just leaving a small strip.

Hollywood  £35.00

Absolutely all hair removed, front and back.​

We always use non strip wax when carrying out intimate waxing.

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